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Just Launched! The State of the World's Sea Turtles Report, Vol. XI

By Brian Hutchinson

We are excited to announce the launch of The State of the World's Sea Turtles—SWOT Report, Vol. XI, now available online and in print.

The eleventh volume of SWOT Report features the first comprehensive maps of sea turtle nesting beaches and satellite tracking data throughout South America, created in collaboration with dozens of field-based data contributors. A multi-author feature article on The Sea Turtles of South America provides a detailed, country-by-country overview of sea turtle status throughout the South American continent.

Beyond the special feature, SWOT Report, Vol. XI showcases articles by leading sea turtle researchers and conservationists that cover topics ranging from plastic pollution and sea turtles, ghost nets, the conservation status of leatherback turtles, in-water observation of sea turtle behavior, and much more!

Moreover, SWOT Report, Vol. XI features beautiful images by renowned photographers including Pete Oxford, Esther Horvath, Jordi Chias, and others.

Browse articles and download a copy of SWOT Report, Vol. XI today.

Oceanic Society staff launch SWOT Report, Vol. XI at the 36th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium in Lima Peru.


Brian Hutchinson is Oceanic Society's vice president of outreach, co-founder of the State of the World's Sea Turtles Program, and program officer of the IUCN-SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group. Brian holds a B.A. in zoology from Connecticut College, and has been working to advance global marine conservation for more than a decade.


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