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4 Family Vacations That Give Back

By Brian Hutchinson

Volunteering with leatherback turtles in Costa Rica. © Hal Brindley

Looking to take a memorable family vacation this summer, or know someone who is? Oceanic Society has you covered! We've put together four unforgettable family-friendly expeditions that are good for ages 8 to 80. Destinations include Belize, Costa Rica, Greece, and Palau. Here's what you can expect from each trip:

  • Educational: Programs are designed with hands-on educational opportunities in mind and led by experienced teachers and naturalists.
  • Fun: A variety of activities will keep you and your family engaged throughout the trip, seeing and doing something new each day.
  • Meaningful: Your trip directly supports our research and conservation programs and the work of our partners in the places we visit.
  • Seamless: We take care of the logistics so that you and your family can immerse yourselves in the experience.
  • Affordable: Designed and priced with family budgets in mind, most trips include discounted pricing for groups of three or more.

Summer 2016 Family-Friendly Expeditions:

Didn't find what you were looking for? We can also organize family-friendly expeditions to the Gal√°pagos Islands, Kenya, Guyana, Fiji, Florida, and more. Just send us a message to let us know what you're interested in.


Brian Hutchinson is Oceanic Society's vice president of outreach, co-founder of the State of the World's Sea Turtles Program, and program officer of the IUCN-SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group. Brian holds a B.A. in zoology from Connecticut College, and has been working to advance global marine conservation for more than a decade.


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