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​BlueHabits.org: A New Online Community Dedicated to Ocean-friendly Living

By Lindsay Mosher

When asked the question, “Do you want to live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle?” people will overwhelmingly answer, “Yes.” However, actually making those lifestyle changes is another story. As a result, although people are more aware about ocean conservation issues than ever, the oceans have also never been sicker. There is a gap between intention and action, and we want to help.

As part of our effort to motivate, demonstrate, and share ocean-friendly behaviors, or Blue Habits, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new online community and portal for ocean action at www.BlueHabits.org.

BlueHabits.org not only provides information, tools, and advice that help make pro-ocean lifestyle changes easy and accessible, it also showcases the millions of people worldwide who are already taking pro-ocean actions everyday.

Our Blue Habits how-to guides are categorized into the three major areas in which we believe individuals can have the greatest impact on ocean health though simple actions in their daily lives: fighting plastic pollution, choosing sustainable seafood, and reducing our carbon footprint. Each section offers tips to help start, or strengthen, everyday pro-ocean actions, as well as examples of how those actions are happening worldwide. It can be as simple as making small daily choices like refusing straws, using a reusable water bottle, or supporting organizations and businesses that work to improve ocean health.

Join our Blue Habits community to take your awareness about ocean conservation to the next level by participating in a global movement to make small lifestyle changes that have big collective impacts for ocean health. Get involved at www.BlueHabits.org.


Lindsay Mosher is Oceanic Society's Blue Habits project manager. Lindsay has a diverse background with an M.A. in Conservation Biology from Miami University and B.A. in Journalism from Ithaca College. She is deeply passionate about ocean issues and has been working to advance global marine conservation for the past 5 years.


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