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Guide to Ocean-Friendly Gifts and Wrapping

By Amanda Townsel

Give bigger this holiday season with gifts that give back! With these awesome ocean-friendly gifts, there’s something for everyone on your list:

*Orders must be placed on or before December 16 to receive your items by Christmas.

For the Animal Lover

For the animal lovers, consider a symbolic animal adoption. Give the gift that will help to protect ocean wildlife and its habitats worldwide. Your symbolic animal adoption will help to provide much needed support to Oceanic Society’s research and conservation programs. Symbolically adopt a dolphin, humpback whale, or albatross and help us keep our programs running strong.

Adopting a humpback whale will help to support the efforts of the Whales of Guerrero Research Project and Oceanic Society to protect whales in Mexico and ocean wildlife and habitats worldwide.

A bottlenose dolphin adoption will help support Oceanic Society’s global ocean conservation programs.

An albatross adoption will help to support efforts to counteract the impacts of marine plastic pollution on Laysan Albatross and Black-footed Albatross populations in Midway and Kure Atolls through habitat research and restoration.

For the Artist

Ocean Sole sculptures are handmade from recycled flip flops that have been collected on Kenyan beaches, and your purchase supports local artisans. From whales to warthogs, we’ve got your favorite animal. Shop Ocean Sole sculptures here.

For the Bookworm

For your favorite reader, check out Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet. This hardcover book filled with beautiful imagery was released in 2011 and explores the ways in which life on Earth relies on a healthy ocean, analyzes the threats facing the ocean, and helps its readers connect the dots for why human survival on Earth is directly affected by the ocean. Buy Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet here.

Ready to wrap it up?

These ocean-friendly alternatives to traditional gift wrapping will leave you with good tidings and not trash.

Re-use: Get creative and minimize waste by re-purposing and reusing items around your house.
  • Save wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and boxes from gifts you receive to wrap gifts for others. This regifting is always appropriate.
  • Paper shopping bags, newspaper, and magazines can all be used as an alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Bonus: they're recyclable, and customizable. Break out markers, stamps, and paints for one of a kind gift wrap that is fun to give and receive.
  • Thrifted and found jewelry, ornaments, and sprigs can all be attached with biodegradable twine for embellishment.

Reduce: Reusing materials is a great option, but can still result in waste. For the biggest impact, opt for alternatives that can be used repeatedly or don’t use extra materials at all!
  • Fabric gift bags are reusable year after year and can be customized for the recipient.
  • New reusable shopping bags, scarves, and dish towels can all be used to wrap a gift.
  • Give gifts au naturel and don't wrap them at all for a completely waste free holiday.

Recycle: Even with best efforts there will still be gift wrap and packaging that can’t be reused- make sure to recycle!
Wishing you and yours happy holidays!

Amanda Townsel is an Oceanic Society communications strategist, copywriter, and community coordinator. Amanda earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of San Diego and a Master’s in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She is an avid traveler with a professional career that includes diving, marine ecotourism research, and strategic communications for conservation organizations.


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