Adopt a Dolphin

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Adopt a dolphin for the dolphin-lover in your life.

dolphin Contribute to valuable scientific research about free-swimming dolphins and join the efforts to protect dolphins around the world.

For a $40.00 tax-deductible donation, you receive a personalized adoption certificate with a color photograph of the dolphin you choose and information about your dolphin. 

Proceeds from the Adopt a Dolphin program are used to support Oceanic Society's global research and conservation programs that aim to study and protect dolphins and other threatened marine species.

The dolphins available for adoption are known individually through their natural markings and have been identified through Oceanic Project Dolphin, a long term spotted dolphin research program in the Bahamas. Researchers have named and constructed life histories for over 130 individual dolphins. You can adopt one of The Bahamas' dolphins such as Stubby, Top Notch, or TS, gain a window into their watery world, and learn about their personality traits.

Oceanic Society began the Adopt A Dolphin program in 1988 as a means for public involvement and to generate support for our research programs. Your support will help us continue our international marine research and conservation programs. Here are the names of some spotted dolphins often seen during our research season.

To Adopt a Dolphin:

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to place your order, or click on a picture

Otherwise, you may download our Adoption Form, fill it out, and send it in to us by mail.

Here are some of the dolphins that are available for adoption:

Concordia dolphin

Now a sub-adult male with a scalloped dorsal fin. Gregarious and playful, often seen with other sub-adults, zig-zagging around swimmers.

TS dolphin

Adult female on the 1989 Oceanic Society tee-shirt. Easily recognized by the deep gash in her tail stock and fluke. She is friendly and often brings her calf to swim with people.

topnotch dolphin

An adult female with a concave scar at the tip of her dorsal fin, Topnotch is very friendly and seems to enjoy mimicking people during swim encounters.

Remorra Dolphin

A friendly female dolphin with distinct spots on her flank. She was photographed as a juvenile, with a remora attached to her.

double gash dolphin

Fully spotted adult male named for the distinctive gashes behind his dorsal fin and on his tail stock. Often swims with other adult dolphins and scans the periphery.

Sadie dolphin

An adult female often seen with her calf, or baby-sitting other calves, Sadie seems very friendly, and frequently socializes with other mothers and their young.

Larry dolphin

One of the first dolphins identified in 1989 for the Bahamas Project Dolphin. Larry is a beautiful full-sized adult male, and has been seen consistently through the years.

macho dolphin

Large, heavily spotted adult male almost always seen alone. Known for his many displays, including slapping his powerful flukes at the surface, belly-up.

Stubby dolphin

Named for his severed dorsal fin, Stubby is every dolphin's friend. Whether playing with calves, jostling with juveniles or socializing with females or males, Stubby is one "cool" dolphin.

Sunflower dolphin

A handsome juvenile male, first identified in 1997. Sunflower is between 8-12 years old, and one of our most photogenic dolphins.

Fin dolphin

Fully mature female spotted dolphin, named for her nicked fin. Fin is an elegant dolphin, whose white lateral spots have fused to form a bright streak and wispy curlicues along her side.



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