Research Expeditions

Our hands-on Volunteer Vacations are designed to accomplish specific scientific goals while offering unique access and experiences to our travelers. As a participant, you will work side-by-side with field biologists, helping to collect valuable research data on marine species and habitats. No prior research experience is needed; you will be trained "on the job" by our experienced field biologists.  See a full list of our upcoming Volunteer Vacations here.

Snorkeler with whales

Oceanic Society is a pioneer in volunteer travel. Since the start of our expeditions program in 1972, we have guided tens of thousands of travelers on marine research and conservation expeditions all over the world. Over this time we have developed special insights and close relationships in the areas we travel, and these create special opportunities and experiences for our travelers that aren't available elsewhere.

As a traveler on one of our Volunteer Vacations, you will be asked to perform various tasks related to the research project and will be trained to do so. Although there are daily research tasks to be accomplished, generally research expeditions include free-time for relaxing or special opportunities to observe local natural history. No previous research experience is required; important qualities include patience, enthusiasm and a willingness to take directions. 

Oceanic Society Volunteer Vacations contribute directly to environmental protection by supporting conservation-directed research. We conduct and fund field research as a basis for creating and maintaining nature reserves and sanctuaries, and for recommending solutions to environmental problems through the following steps:

  • Working in partnership with local groups and agencies in the development of research goals.
  • Collaborating with universities to establish research protocols.
  • Conducting long-term research utilizing volunteers to help collect data.
  • Translating scientific findings into policy proposals.
  • Disseminating research results to local communities and management agencies
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