Nuno Vasco Rodrigues is a marine biologist with a master’s degree in integrated Ocean Studies. Throughout his career, Nuno worked in several leading institutions in the field of marine studies and conservation, has been involved in several conservation projects and has been part of many scientific expeditions, which gave a deep knowledge about ocean life. He is the author of dozens of scientific articles and three books on marine fauna, having contributed to many others.

As a photographer, he specialized in underwater photography, using the image as a study and communication tool, aiming at conservation. He contributes regularly to several institutions, namely National Geographic Portugal. His images have been widely published in books, newspapers and magazines and also exhibited globally, having several of them achieved awards in international competitions. Recently, he was considered the conservation photographer of the year 2021 for Ocean Geographic and achieved 2nd place in the photojournalism category.

Certified diver since 2000, he is an Assistant Instructor and has more than 1000 hours underwater in various places of the world, most of them studying and photographing marine life.