Where to Go

425 Brommer Street, Dock I, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

What to Do

  1. First, park in the parking lot anywhere but in a “reserved” space.
  2. Then, walk to check-in to purchase a $15 all-day ticket from OS staff at dock

What to Bring

    Sorry about the dramatic formatting, but it’s very important to bring multiple layers as the temperature on board can range from 45°F-80°F (7°C-26°C)
  • Water resistant outer layer
    • Not always needed, but highly recommended
  • Reusable liquid container for free water and coffee on board.
  • Food/snacks (some will be available for purchase as well).
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera or Binoculars (optional)

What Else You Need to Know

A few more important notes, given the unpredictable nature of nature:

  • Be prepared for the possibility of seasickness. (Fairly uncommon ~12% of people)
    • Over the counter medications can help prevent seasickness, consider something like Dramamine: Original Formula (we’ve found Non-Drowsy versions to be less effective).
  • Be prepared for the possibility of no whale sightings. (Extremely uncommon <1% of trips)
    • Whale feeding locations can change on a yearly, and sometimes, monthly basis.
    • For these reasons, we don’t have a whale sightings guarantee on these trips.
  • Be prepared for the possibility of hazardous weather conditions cancelling our trip. (~15% of trips)
    • Plan alternative activities in the area in case of cancellation.
    • Fortunately, we offer refunds in this situation, unlike many other operators.
    • We will give advance notice if your trip will be cancelled, via email and text.