Benjamin Kahn is a marine ecologist specializing in oceanic cetaceans, the deep diving whales and dolphins, and blue and sperm whales in particular.  He is a Coral Triangle specialist with an intimate knowledge of the waters and remote corners of the Indonesian archipelago, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. As the Director of APEX Environmental and co-founder of the non-profit Planet Deep Foundation, his focus is on the identification of oceanic cetacean hotspots (such as migration corridors, seamounts, upwelling systems) and to promote their inclusion in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) networks.

Benjamin works in close partnership with many stakeholders to improve the protective management of these important “deep sea yet near shore” habitats.  On a regional level, Benjamin works on ocean conservation, capacity building, policy development for whale conservation and best practices for maritime industries that operate in the sensitive waters of the Coral Triangle. He is also an Expert Member with two IUCN Commissions and three IUCN Specialist Groups, and an International Fellow at the prestigious Explorer’s Club.  Benjamin is an avid scuba and free diver, an experienced blue-water sailor, and enjoys ocean racing.  So even in his free time he’s never that far away from the ocean.