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Snorkeling in Fiji: Rainbow Reef, Taveuni, and Beyond

Explore the "soft coral capital of the world" from the comfort of this idyllic island paradise, as we visit Rainbow Reef and Beqa Lagoon, two of the top snorkel locations in Fiji.


  • In Taveuni, snorkel the legendary Rainbow Reef, known as the "soft coral capital of the world."
  • 4 full days at the Beqa Lagoon reef complex, one of Fiji's most spectacular and diverse reef ecosystems, with a great variety of shallow water habitats to explore.
  • Can be combined back-to-back with our Tonga humpback whale expedition.

The Fijian archipelago encompasses one of the most extensive coral reef systems in the world, hosting an extraordinary variety of marine organisms, including more than 1,400 species of fish and countless invertebrates. This expedition offers snorkeling and diving at Fiji's most pristine and colorful reefs, and includes an introduction to the beautiful flora and fauna of Taveuni Island.

>> See our naturalist's 2018 Fiji snorkeling expedition report. <<

Our expedition begins on Beqa Island, a dramatic island where a short boat ride from our resort delivers us to a wonderland of marine life in Beqa Lagoon’s crystal clear waters, with more than 100 snorkel sites along 190 miles of coastline. There will be ample opportunities to spot and photograph numerous fish species, huge fans, and a rainbow of soft corals—all in 80-degree water with incredible visibility. After Beqa, we fly to Taveuni Island, the "garden island" of Fiji, shrouded in rainforest with rich volcanic soils. On Tavenui we will snorkel the dazzling Vuna Reef and Rainbow Reef, and enjoy island outings to learn about the culture and fauna of this idyllic island paradise.

Trip Dates & Cost

2020: To be announced.

* There is a single supplement fee of $1,050. Trip price does not include international or in-country airfare. Click here for our full expedition terms and conditions. Take $500 off your total booking cost when combined with our Tonga expedition.


Roger Harris is a long-time Oceanic Society naturalist with 30 years of experience working as a guide. In addition to working with Oceanic Society, Roger has frequently worked as a naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions and the National Audubon Society. As a naturalist he has led eco-tours in Honduras, Belize, Kenya, Great Barrier Reef, Galapagos, Baja California, and SE Alaska. Roger is also a professional conservation biologist specializing in endangered species, wetlands, and native habitat restoration. He earned a graduate degree in ornithology from U.C. Berkeley, and is both a NAUI diver and an expert world birder.

Keoki Stender is a native Hawaiian photographer, educator, diving industry specialist, and owner of marinelifephotography.com, a popular species identification resource for Hawaii and beyond. He studied marine science and botany at the University of Hawaii and shares this passion as a guest speaker and volunteer educator for many organizations. Keoki is a PADI scuba instructor with more than 25 years of experience in the dive industry.


Day 1: Arrive in Nadi
The group will meet that the Nadi International Airport and then fly together to Taveuni, the starting point of our program. After landing in Taveuni, we will take a scenic hour-long drive to the resort, Paradise Taveuni.

Days 2–4: Taveuni: Snorkeling Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef
We will have three days on beautiful Taveuni, known as the "Garden Island" of Fiji. Taveuni's colorful profusion of tropical plants and flowers is matched by its incredible underwater reefs that are filled with colorful fish and corals. While on Taveuni we will have a full day to snorkel the legendary Rainbow Reef, we'll spend a day touring this picturesque island and a visiting a local village, and we'll spend a day snorkeling Vuna Reef at the island's southern tip.

While snorkeling we will see beautiful soft and hard corals, schools of damsels and orange anthias, and will look for moray eels, batfish, butterflyfish, Moorish idols, parrotfish, and possibly titan triggerfish, as well as tuna, jacks, barracuda, and possibly even manta rays, plus much more.

Day 5: Taveuni to Beqa
In the morning we will transfer to the Taveuni airport and fly to Suva, before continuing by boat to Beqa Island. We'll check in to our rooms at Beqa Lagoon Resort, and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Days 6–9: Snorkeling Beqa Island's Reefs
We will have 3 full days to snorkel in the beautiful reefs surrounding Beqa Island. Just a short boat ride from the resort in the tranquil, crystal clear water is an incredible diversity of marine life, chock-full of soft corals, sea fans, garden eels, orangutan crabs, rays, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and various fish species. Each day, after breakfast, we will be picked up and head out on the water to go to multiple snorkeling sites. We will then take a short break to eat a packed lunch before going to more sites. We will go back to the resort mid-afternoon and have the rest of the afternoon to relax on the beach under the palm trees. Following dinner, your naturalist may give a presentation about the coral reef ecosystems and the global issues that impact them. There will also be opportunities to enjoy Meke, a traditional Fijian song and dance, while we drink kava out of coconut cups

Days 10: Return to Nadi - Fly home
In the morning, transfer by boat to Pacific Harbor, then take a scenic (2.5 hour) drive to Nadi International Airport. You will have the rest of the day to explore Nadi on your own, before your evening flight back home.


During our expedition we stay at Paradise Taveuni and Beqa Lagoon Resort, highly-rated hotels that offer comfort and easy access to some of Fiji’s more pristine reef areas.

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